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Gazebo Guide

Become an expert and find out all key information about gazebos and how to take proper care of them

Follow the advices of our experts and benefit from their knowledge and experience.

Welcome to our Gazebo Guide, an invaluable compendium of tips and knowledge provided by industry experts to help you make the perfect choice and take optimal care of your gazebo.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect shelter for outdoor adventures or want to transform your space into an oasis of relaxation or turn your business around with a reliable partner, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find out everything you need to know about different types of gazebo, construction materials, sizes and secrets to keeping them in perfect condition.

We’re delighted to share our expertise with you, making each gazebo your refuge for decades to come!

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Quick Assembly Quick Assembly
Aluminium vs. steel
Aluminium gazebos or steel gazebos? Which is more stable? And which is the better choice? Questions that probably everyone knows.
Set up folding pavilions
2 minutes and a few simple steps. Our folding gazebos are quick and easy to set up.
Fire-retardant or not?
The B1 classification describes the fire resistance against the spread of fire.
Favourable pop up gazebos
We have set ourselves the goal of producing an economical and ecological products for end users.
Pop up gazebo prices
What do you really pay? Find out when and if it is worth spending and investing, and for which products.
Professional pop up gazebos
Gazebos in top quality for a professional appearance.
Renting or buying a gazebo?
Make an informed choice by thinking about your needs and analysing all the pros and cons.
How to repair pop up gazebos
Repair your gazebo in a few simple steps by following our video instructions.
Proper pop up gazebo care
With our pop up gazebos, you'll cut a fine figure at any event. To keep it that way for a long time, the right care is essential.
Resistant e stable
What makes the structure of a gazebo durable and stable? Can it be used all year round?
Construction details
From the selection of materials to the manufacturing process, our products embody the best of expertise and passion.
Pop up gazebos with UV protection
The ideal sun protection for carefree hours outdoors. Simply cool pop up gazebos for hot days.
Waterproof pop up gazebos
Everything you need to know about waterproof gazebos for outdoor use.

TIPS on caring for your gazebo 

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